Michael's Kids

Michael's Kids came to be through a meeting between Pastor Ian Prichard of England and Pastor Michael Kyazze of Uganda in the mid 1990's. Michael had a vision of providing food and education to the poorest children in his region, but his church did not have the financial resources to make it happen. 

Ian went back to England and challenged his church to pledge enough to take care of 25 children, and they jumped on board. So Michael went into the poorest neighborhood  he could find, rife with malnutrition and disease, and told the families his church wanted to pay for their children to go to school. In a place where prostitution was a common way to make enough money to eat, many doubted. But those who trusted Michael learned that he meant what he said.

Michael's Kids was born.

Since its humble beginnings, Michael's Kids has made it possible for hundreds of children to go to school, some of whom have even graduated from college. A community was transformed as the red light district, once the only was to survive, disappeared. A school which has become one of the best in Uganda was launched, the poor have been fed, and hundreds of people have become Christians.

Hope has returned to a community.

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