Arise Ministries

LifeChange International has partnered with Jack and Tammy Fairweather of Arise Ministries in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines to rescue children from a homeless life on the streets. Many children have become orphaned due to the conditions of extreme poverty. In some cases parents have abandoned their children due to drug addictions that make it impossible for them to care for their children. Without the help of Arise Ministries and LifeChange International, these kids would very likely follow the same hopeless patterns.

In 2009, Arise Ministries began with one small boy dying from starvation, disease and loneliness. He is now healthy and thriving in a loving home, attending school, full of goals and dreams. His new story began with support from a sponsor like you that provided food, housing, and medical care. As of 2017, Arise Ministries provides for 43 children who were otherwise destined to the same hopeless life of the streets. Through sponsorships of as little as $50 per month, these 43 children now have a hope and a future. By connecting sponsors with Arise Ministries, LifeChange International is helping to educate, clothe, house, feed, and provide medical care. These children will now grow up as part of a family, learning to love and trust. They will have opportunities to move beyond the stories of their parents and grandparents. They are a new generation rising.


Mission: To share the love of Jesus Christ holistically to advance the Kingdom of God. We understand our place in God’s Mission and Kingdom to provide spiritual, physical, and emotional ministry to the poor through a children’s home and small business developments in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

Vision: To provide holistic care to orphans, street children, and impoverished families in the Philippines.

If you are interested in supporting a child, Arise Ministries asks for an initial one-year commitment of $50 per month for food and housing, or $55 per month for social care, medical care and education for one child. If you wish, you can play an integral part in your sponsored child’s life. You can pray for him , his family and his community. You can also send letters, Christmas cards and gifts through LifeChange International.

To begin a sponsorship, contact us at the LifeChange office and we will help you get started. If you are a current sponsor and wish to make an additional donation or update your giving profile, please proceed directly to the Donate page.