Two of our ministry partners operate orphanages that care for numerous orphaned, abandoned or unwanted children:

Arise Ministries in the Philippines rescues children from the streets of Manila and brings them to their children’s home in Calapan City.

Dwelling Places takes in children whose parents are victims of the AIDS epidemic that has decimated a generation of Ugandans.

Supporting children at these homes costs approximately $105 per child per month. This covers the holistic care of each child: food, housing, clothes for school and play, educational expenses, healthcare and social welfare. Both homes are monitored by the appropriate social services in their respective countries. When compared to the average cost of caring for an orphaned child in the USA (approximately $700 per month) the cost of helping these children in Uganda and the Philippines is surprisingly low. 

The expenses of caring for these children have been divided into 4 separate sponsorships for each child:

  • Food ($25)
  • Housing ($25)
  • Medical and Social Welfare ($25)
  • Education ($30)

Please consider sponsoring a child through LifeChange today!

You can contact us at our offices in Littleton, CO, USA at 303-797-0201 or email us at info@lifechange.net.

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