Assisting Refugees

This is an historic time where we are seeing massive migrations of people from African and Middle Eastern countries into Europe and across the world. This movement is unlike anything that we have seen in our lifetime, and may prove to be a larger migration of people than the world has ever seen before. At LifeChange we believe that God is very concerned about people who have left their homelands and become foreigners in another land. Throughout the scriptures, we see that He commands His people to welcome and comfort the foreigner, and to bless them. 

When refugees arrive in Italy, the government places them in facilities around the island where they are provided with food and shelter. But they do not have any clothes other than those brought with them. This is where LifeChange steps in to provide shoes and clothing and listen to their stories as these refugees wait to go through the asylum-seeking legal process.

Some refugees leave the facilities and land on the streets of the larger cities. Although they may look for work, this is not an easy process in a foreign country, so they are frequently hungry and looking for shelter or clothing or other practical help.

Partnering with both churches and individuals on the island, LifeChange Sicily offers various types of practical, humanitarian help for these refugees. But especially in this time of transition, it is also important for these individuals to seek God’s will for their lives. LifeChange Sicily extends an invitation to read the scriptures together to uncover what this might be. We also pray for one another, asking God to bless and guide each of us.

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